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Above normal precipitation expected in Indiana thi…

INDIANAPOLIS, INANS — The Climate Prediction Center released their 2022-23 winter forecast. La Nina conditions will develop for the third consecutive winter, resulting in warmer temperatures than usual in the south and greater rainfall in the Great Lakes.

The meteorological winter season refers to the three months of January, February and December. The winter forecast predicts the weather conditions for these three months.

Temperatures will be higher than normal in the Southwest, Texas, Gulf coast states, and the Eastern Seaboard.

The winter season will likely see temperatures below average in the Pacific Northwest and northern areas of Wisconsin.

In Indiana, the chances for either exceedingly warm or very cold temperatures are equally high.

In terms of precipitation, it is possible to expect wetter conditions in the Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes, as well as the Ohio Valley.

A lot of desert Southwest, Texas, and southern California will experience drier conditions than usual. It is bad news for the Southwest, where there are many areas suffering from severe drought. The southwest’s drought is unlikely to be improved by much snowfall.

Some parts of Indiana may see more snow than normal during the winter season.

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