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Bloomington City Council approves $100,000 for Health Care Grant


INDIANAPOLIS, INAS — A new ordinance was approved by the Bloomington City Council to transfer $100,000 from its general fund to the new “Reproductive Health Care Grant Program” to address the state’s abortion ban. It was a relatively quick discussion from the nine-member council before a unanimous vote.

Sue Sgambelluri, the Bloomington Council Vice President and District II Representative, said, “Certainly abortion is a polarizing issue and people feel very strongly about it but the context I am thinking about this is of reproductive healthcare and reproductive justice on a broad level and so with that, I will be supporting this ordinance.”

Five people participated in the public comment, two were in support of the ordinance and three were against it.

Jessica Marchbank is with All Options and supports both the Hoosier Abortion Fund and the Hoosier Diaper Program. According to her, there is an urgent need for both access and reproductive care as well as diaper needs. We will support this, and we are sure to be there for it. However, we ask people to consider not just the immediate need to help people access abortion care, but also what happens six months down the line.

Jason Ching, Chinese Reformed Church Bloomington’s Pastor, stated that every human life is sacred and that God has given each one of them. Both you and I don’t have the right decide who lives and who doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how difficult or inconvenient that individual’s existence is. The city’s lawyer explained that even if it’s not clear when life began, that gives us more reasons to protect the unborn.”

Beth Cate is the corporation counsel. We expect grantees will use these funds lawfully under federal, state and local laws.