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Bosma aims to improve employment rates for Hoosier…

INDIANAPOLIS (INAS) – Employers in Indiana that are looking to fill open positions are being requested to consider blind or visually impaired Hoosiers. Bosma Enterprises has teamed with a Carmel-based firm to hire more people.

Unemployment among Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired is somewhat higher than 60%. According to Bosma executives, they have taken a fresh approach to hiring, allowing their clients to become the interviewers in a “reverse job fair.”

When you can work and provide for yourself, you feel more independent. A rising number of blind or visually challenged Hoosiers miss out on the chance.

“It is not about what the individual cannot do. One method is to have a reverse employment fair. Employers seek out clientele that are eager to work. President and CEO of the Carmel-based firm, David Glenn

A few new staff have joined CoasterStone.

“I already know they’re blind, so it kind of breaks the ice, and they can simply chat to me,” Glenn explained. Accommodations and assistive technology can be beneficial, but it is frequently a question of realizing that the same work can be accomplished in multiple ways. This is one method to shift views not only at the top of a firm, but also among recruiting supervisors.

“I strongly encourage small (and large) business owners to say yes. Pay attention to the stories. “Watch what they can do,” he continued.