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Docs: Speeding driver ran stop sign before crash t…

INDIANAPOLIS (INAS)— After a crash that killed a Lyft passenger, a Pendleton man was charged with reckless murder. He is suspected of being the driver of a vehicle that collided with another soon after midnight on September 29. Rashid Conteh was killed in the crash.

Gaskill was driving west on 24th Street in a white 2019 Honda Accord, according to court filings. Gaskill was traveling west on 24th Street in a white 2019 Honda Accord, according to investigators. He ran a stop sign and collided with the driver’s side of a grey 2020 Honda Accord travelling north. For cars on Delaware Street, there is no stop sign, and for motorists on 24th Street, there is a “cross traffic does not stop” sign.

Conteh died just before 1 a.m. after being transported to the hospital. He was one of three individuals in the back seat of the automobile as they drove home following a performance.

Conteh was one of three people on board. According to court records, he may have sustained a hand fracture, while the other passenger had shattered bones in his neck and ribs.

According to court filings, Gaskill first told police that the other car turned in front of him, but then “he indicated he couldn’t offer an honest response about how the incident happened.”

“Connor Gaskill also stated that he was traveling home from Broad Ripple to the Anderson, Indiana area,” according to court filings. “Conner Gaskill walked away from the crash spot after presenting his information, making a statement, and undergoing a cursory examination by paramedics.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department did not test Gaskill for impairment, according to a probable cause document seen by INAS.

IMPD detectives examined data from Gaskill’s airbag control modules and discovered he was going at 55 mph in a 30 mph zone at the time of contact.

Both automobiles were thrown off the roadway and into a property as a consequence of the collision.

IMPD met with local residents to discover more about the accident.

One woman stated that she went to the site and assisted Gaskill in getting out of his automobile.

“He was unharmed and stated that he needed to get out of there.” According to court documents, the OnStar operator in command of the white vehicle repeatedly asked Benjamin whether he need an ambulance. ” asked the operator of the white truck his name.”

When she asked him his name, he answered it was Benjamin. She informed him he had to stay and proceeded to aid the other persons who were hurt at the scene.” [The witness]Gaskill is not documented as being in jail at the Marion County Jail, and IMPD has not been able to give him with a mugshot.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has asked for a higher bail for Gaskill.

Gaskill was also engaged in a tragic car accident when he was 16 years old.