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Gainbridge Fieldhouse upgrades transform future of


INDIANAPOLIS, INAS — Gainbridge Fieldhouse will be fresh and exciting for Indiana Pacers supporters. The future perception of Gainbridge Fieldhouse has changed as a result of these renovations.

According to Danny Lopez, vice president of external affairs for Pacers Sports and Entertainment, “this is a big, massive undertaking” because it is the second-largest refurbishment in league history.

Gainbridge Fieldhouse’s renovation is getting closer to completion.

Visitors will notice that the interior of the arena has changed now that phases one and two have been successfully completed.

New restrooms, suites, snack booths, a center-hung LED scoreboard, and more are all present.

Crews are currently working on the Bicentennial Unity Plaza, which is being constructed outside the arena, in the project’s last phase.

People can find a neighborhood basketball court there, which will change into an ice rink in the winter.

“It goes well beyond basketball or a basketball squad.”

We have designed this experience to include such kinds of encounters. “We have designed this experience with things like that in mind.”

The  much awaited 2024 NBA All-Star Game, which will take place in the Gainbridge Fieldhouse, will provide new experiences for fans thanks to the renovation.

“That will have a big economic impact and make a valuable contribution to the community. Additionally, we’re dedicated to making this the best neighborhood-focused all-star weekend ever, Lopez said.

Despite certain difficulties brought on by the pandemic, Lopez claims that the project is still moving forward.

The Bicentennial Unity Plaza’s building work is anticipated to be finished in the spring.