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Indianapolis Colts Owner Wants Commanders Owner

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colonels, suggested firing Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Commanders. Over the years, he was charged with job misbehavior and other negative actions.

Irsay claimed that he “felt there was merit to have Snyder removed as the owner of the Commanders.” Irsay added that “owners will make the proper choice” if they can speak with one another. The awful events that have taken place there over the past 20 years worry me. However, the events that have taken place there over the past 20 years seriously worry me.”

The NFL is looking into claims that Snyder mistreated a female employee and withheld money that was supposed to go to other NFL team owners. Mary Jo White, a lawyer and former chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, was engaged by the NFL to oversee the inquiry. Following Irsay’s remarks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday issued a warning to other team owners attempting to remove Synder from the league.

“Until we know the facts, there is no justification for speculation at this time or for discussion. As stated by

Associated Press This, according to Goodell, is his advice to owners. Speculation is undesirable. Everyone should, in my opinion, have access to the information needed to make judgments, and the members will have that chance. On Tuesday, a Commanders representative issued a statement denouncing Irsay’s remarks.

The spokeswoman stated, “It is obviously unacceptable, but not surprising, that Mr. Irsay chose to make statements publicly based on misinformation in the media.”

The Post in Washington. It is regrettable that Mr. Irsay chose to make his statement public today while an inquiry is ongoing and the team hasn’t had a chance to publicly address the claims. Snyder, who has owned the Commanders since 1999, has been the target of several complaints from former workers regarding his conduct and management style. At least 15 former workers have reported experiencing sexual harassment while working for the team, sometimes by team executives.

Tiffani Johnston, a former employee of Commanders,   accused Snyder of shoving her “aggressively” in the direction of his limo and forcibly groping her during a business meal. Johnston was one of six former employees who testified in January before a congressional roundtable about the harsh work circumstances at Commanders. In 2018, the

An investigation into the cheerleaders’ treatment was done by INAS10. Many ladies reported they experienced sexual harassment while supporting the team. Some even claimed that the team’s executives were “driving us out” to secure male sponsors. Some said that in order to participate in a picture shoot for the calendar, they had to be topless. In 2021, the team switched out its cheerleaders for a coed dancing troupe. The NFL’s 2021 season  a $10 million penalty to the Commanders after determining that Snyder had not created a suitable working environment. Snyder has consistently maintained his position in the face of criticism. In a conversation with INAS

He stated to the publication in 2013 that “we will never change the name of the team,” which for many years was a derogatory term for Native Americans.

The group was formally dropped.

After years of criticism from Native American activists, the Washington Commanders will finally drop their discriminatory nickname in 2020. Earlier this year, the Washington Football Team was briefly known as the Washington Commanders.