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Indianapolis Housing Agency says tenants not on hook for payments


INDIANAPOLIS (INAS) — Nearly three weeks after falling victim to a ransomware attack, the Indianapolis Housing Agency is beginning to issue payments that were delayed because of the hack.

“Payments to our utility companies and vendors have begun. The landlord/owner payments are expected to be complete by the middle of next week. We will address concerns associated with late fees once all rental payments are completed,” IHA said in a statement.

The Indianapolis Housing Authority helps tenants pay for rent and/or utilities, as long as they meet certain economic guidelines.

Experts help Indianapolis Housing Agency address cyberattack

Ashley Slay found out about the data breach after getting a message from her landlord.

“It said if I didn’t cover the Indianapolis Housing Authority’s end of the rent, they would be potentially taking further action,” Slay said.

However the agency said in its statement:

“As a reminder, under the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Contract and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, the landlord/owners may not terminate the tenancy for nonpayment of the IHA housing assistance payment. The tenant is also not responsible for paying the portion of the rent to the landlord/owners covered by the IHA housing assistance payment under the HAP Contract.”

In a ransomware attack, hackers gain access to a data in a company’s computer system, and refuse to give the data back unless they are paid a ransom.

Slay worries that the data breach may have compromised her entire family’s identification.

“Is my information stolen, is my identity going to be stolen, my four kids they have their social security cards, Medicaid cards birth records, and birth certificates.”

News 8 reached out to IHA Wednesday to find out if the ransomware attack has been resolved, but we did not hear back.