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Man arrested, charged for shooting at east side ho…

INDIANAPOLIS (INAS)— According to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, an Indianapolis citizen was charged following three shootings at an eastside house in August.

Zechari S. Scott (33), is facing three counts of criminal recklessness for three separate shootings at the same residence in the 1400 block of North Audubon Road on August 30, September 5, and October 16.

Shots on August 30th

Officers responded to allegations of shots fired at the residence on August 30.

Candi Huffman was the house’s owner when gunfire were fired at it. According to court filings, one bullet passed through Candi Huffman’s window and another impacted a brick.

Candi Hufman believes the shooting was carried out by someone driving a Pontiac.

Shooting on September 5th

Officers responded to reports of shots fired at the Huffman residence on September 5.

Officers arrived on the scene and met Huffman’s neighbors. The neighbors were able to acquire video evidence of their neighbor’s vehicle involved in the shooting, according to court filings.

After the shots were fired, a Pontiac white automobile was seen leaving the house on camera. 02001010 Following the incident, two rounds of ammo were discovered in the residence.

Shooting on October 16th

On Sunday evening, there were allegations of shots being fired, and police were sent to Huffman’s home.

Lance Huffman informed authorities that Scott had been firing at his residence when they arrived. Scott recently shared a gun photo on his own Facebook page.

According to court filings, Lance Huffman provided surveillance video from his house to detectives from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Scott is seen in the video pausing in front of the Huffman’s house and firing around 25 bullets toward the house.

Historical context

Lance Huffman received a Facebook message from “Zech Scott” on September 4.

“Give me one of those phones for $100,” stated the message. Lance Huffman told detectives that he thought it was a hoax, but he didn’t answer.

Candi and Lance Huffman spoke with detectives on September 8. They said that Lance Huffman was approached by a stranger who wanted to learn more about Lance Huffman.

Candi Huffman notified the guy. Lance Huffman was not present.

“Tell Lance Zack I said hello,” the guy added.

Candi and Lance Huffman were unable to recognize Scott from a series of images.

Lance Huffman messaged Candi Huffman on Facebook on October 5.

Police discovered the Pontiac white Pontiac in the video on October 17. They secured a search warrant for it. They discovered several shot shells, one 9mm bullet, and a search warrant for the Pontiac. Later that day, Scott’s mother phoned investigators and reported that there was a pistol in Scott’s room that she needed removed.

A pistol was located in the bedroom by detectives. Scott also possessed a number of empty magazines as well as live bullets. A

A letter was discovered in the residence. The letter was addressed to the 1400 block of North Audubon Road. Lance Huffman and his sister were accused of running an internet blackmail scam that involves hacking into strangers’ cameras.

Officers arrested Scott at his home on Tuesday.