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Man dies after hit by truck outside Amazon warehou…


GREENFIELD, Indiana (INAS) — A man was killed after being struck by a truck outside an Amazon warehouse in Greenfield on Thursday.

Hancock County Sheriff’s officers received word at 6:45 a.m. that a man had been struck by a truck right in front of the building, which is headquartered in the 4000 block of West County Road 300 North.

According to the sheriff’s office, the guy was driving a semitruck westbound on County Road 300 North when he chose to park in the two-way traffic lane in front of the warehouse. The individual was certified deceased at the scene, according to the sheriff’s statement.

He most likely meant to stroll from his semitruck to the warehouse. On the scene, the man was certified dead.

After notifying the victim’s relatives, the Sheriff’s Office will reveal the victim’s identity.   Update: Harvail Singh Dhillon, 66, of Indianapolis, has been identified as the victim.

The driver of the service vehicle remained at the site and assisted with police. He also volunteered to have his blood drawn as part of the inquiry.

Authorities have ruled out speed, drugs, and alcohol as potential causes of the incident, but the sheriff’s office has suggested that darkness may have played a part.

“The crash happened before morning, while the sky was still black.” “There are no streetlights in the collision location, and the person was not wearing any reflective clothing,” according to the sheriff’s office.

For around 90 minutes, County Road 300 North was stopped for collision cleaning and investigation.