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UIndy’s Toriano Clinton Jr. proves nay-sayers wron…

INDIANAPOLIS (INAS) – Toriano Clinton Jr., the running back for the University of Indianapolis Greyhounds, has set five school records this season. He intends to maintain his excellence in the future. Toriano Clinton Jr., running back, has already shattered five program records and is motivated to keep his success going.

According to offensive lineman Austin Keele, Clinton can convert any run into a score.

Clinton is unbeatable. The senior from Chicago has already topped 1,000 yards in six games. “He simply continued running all over them, and they were asking questions and shouting at each other, unable to comprehend what was going on.” With a wide grin, Keele remarked.

He basically ran all over them, and they were asking questions and cursing at each other with no answers.” With a wide grin, Keele remarked.

Clinton has been so dominant that he currently holds the Greyhound record for running yards, rushing touchdowns, and total touchdowns – two of which haven’t been broken in almost a decade.

“The record means a lot to me because it demonstrates that my efforts are paying off,” Clinton explained. “I consider myself a shadow player, so it’s good to be recognized for what I can accomplish and to have people trust in me.”

Clinton’s skills did not blossom until his final year of high school. The larger schools had already moved on by that point. Clinton felt unnoticed. That sensation inspired him to become the best Division II back in the country.

“You’re too little.” ‘You don’t have the capacity to accomplish that,’ it says at times. This is something you will never be able to do. “There’s somebody better than you,” Clinton said. That is the only thing I support. I am the only one who has authority over myself. You control your own bounds. Your obstacles are entirely your responsibility. You are the only one who has the ability to tear down your own walls.

Clinton stated that his 4.4 speed is a significant benefit.

Clinton remarked that he feels he has a decent shot, particularly if he continues to work hard and believes in the process.

Keevers noted, “He’s a fantastic man to train.”

He’s an excellent instructor.”

“I can’t wait to see what he does for UIndy and beyond,” Keele said.

Clinton might set two more milestones this season: total yards and total points.