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Equalizing Educational Opportunity

INDIANAPOLIS, INAS — Education sector specialists want all students to have the opportunity to get academic instruction of a high standard. It can prove difficult to provide equal educational opportunities for all students, especially when some groups aren’t being offered the same.

Brandon Brown is the CEO of The Mind Trust tweeted out “The antipathy toward Black parents who advocate for better educational opportunities for their children is hard to stomach.”

The Mind Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of K-12 education in Indianapolis for students across the city. Their cause is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion because it recognizes the negative effects of racism, prejudice, and discrimination on students of color. Their commitment to pursuing antiracism ensures present and future educational success for all students in Indianapolis.

Kimberly Graham, one of the directors from one of their community partners, Empowered Families weighed in on the statement.

Graham stated that although there is a lot of backlash from Black families, the strength lies in our collective efforts.

Empowered Families, another non-profit that helps families and students to close the educational gap between white and black students. All Indiana parents are empowered to be involved and active in the education of their children. Meet with school leaders at

-10[We]. Meet with the school’s teachers. You can tell the teachers your concerns. Graham stated that they could work together.

Parent Power holds “Parent Power” trainings about topics such as funding equity education and understanding how school boards vote. This helps parents connect with many other families of color, who wouldn’t otherwise have the support they need to participate in their children’s school communities.

Graham supports Brown’s assertion on the push, as does Latoya Haile Tahirou from Indiana.

“I’d definitely say that to you as a parent. My 18-year old daughter just graduated high school. I feel that she is not ready for the real world. Tahirou stated that her education did not prepare her for success and she is frustrated and sad about it.

She stated that she has been advocating for her child since 3rd grade, making sure her concerns about the quality of her education were taken into consideration. Because she feels like her concerns have not been heard over the years, her child has been to many schools to search for the perfect fit.

“I believe we must be open about this topic. Tahirou stated that disparities exist because of the fact that Indiana is a state and Indianapolis is a city.

She stated that communities of color are struggling all over the country economically. This has an impact on education. Graham stated that we all want the same things as everyone else.